Welcome to Phoenix True Potential Ltd

I have run my business since 2005, including a couple of rebrands . Originally specialising exclusively in Executive-level recruitment, client demand gradually led to a number of other services being introduced, Working with clients both nationally and internationally, my core services are:

► CV & Copywriting
► Executive Services & Transition Coaching
► LinkedIn Support.

I am also still retained as a Headhunter by a number of clients for senior-level talent acquisition projects.
Meet Judith Phoenix-Meese

Over the last 23 years I have recruited across multiple sectors, at all levels including C-Suite and Board-Level.  I have recruited extensively throughout the UK, but also in Greece and Poland.  Headhunting requires a very sensitive, respectful and meticulous approach; this methodology has fine-tuned my skills in Coaching, CV-writing and Copywriting as well as becoming an expert in LinkedIn. You might be surprised how often these skills fit hand-in-hand.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have a job that I absolutely love. So, it brings me immense satisfaction to be able to help my clients either make a change which allows them to transition into a job which THEY love, or which helps them improve their situation in their current role or business.  My journey certainly hasn't been plain-sailing, which is why I'm able to help my clients smooth-out the bumps in their particular road.

I'm proud to describe myself as old fashioned, with a modern twist. This means I don't cut corners, I do things properly. But I also keep up-to-speed with current methodologies.  
The path I have taken along my journey is one of 
the reasons I can help you on yours.
Always Happy to Listen 

It isn't unusual for my clients to not be entirely sure what kind of help they are looking for. For lots of people, a good starting point is to simply have a chat with me. I'm always happy to listen. I will quickly get a sense of whether my particular skills and services could potentially bring you what you need. If I'm not the right person, I will say so. It costs nothing at all to find out.  

Whether it is easier for you to pick up the phone or send an email, do get in touch. Sometimes you can feel better by simply reaching out; and we all know that the smallest beginnings can lead to the biggest transformation.

Get in touch!
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