Maximising your potential

I consider myself extremely lucky to absolutely love my work.  So it is particularly satisfying that all the services I offer focus on helping you to achieve YOUR goals and aspirations.

In one way or another, my services all hinge on understanding how to reach and engage with your target audience, including :

 ► Professional CV-writing: creating CVs which will get you into a recruiter's "Yes" pile.
 ► Linked-In profiles: compiling profiles which engage your target audience.
 ► Copywriting: everything from advertising straplines to full website content.
 ► User-friendly training to help you get the results you want from LinkedIn.
 ► Recruitment support: handling the full recruitment cycle, saving you time and money.
 ► Design & delivery of bespoke Assessment Centres, tailored to suit your specific needs.

I'm proud to describe myself as "old school, with a modern twist". This means I don't cut corners; I do things properly. But I also keep up-to-speed with current methodologies and technology. If you use my services, how will this help you?  With over 22 years' experience, here's how:

 ► Your CV will appeal to recruiters and will grab their attention.
 ► Your LinkedIn profile will attract the people you want to connect with.
 ► You will learn how to make LinkedIn work for you, taking just a few minutes each day.
 ► Whatever copy/content you need, you can be sure it will resonate with your customers.  ► You can be 100% confident of recruiting the right person AND saving money!

Everyone’s situation is different.  Whether you are an individual or an organisation my services will be tailored to suit what’s right for you.   Please feel free to get in touch by phone or email if you have any questions, or just for an informal chat.