maximise words

All my work hinges on helping my clients to connect with their particular audience; sometimes this is through the spoken word, but very often it's through the written word. Earlier in my career my written work was largely based around job descriptions, person specifications and recruitment advertisements. These days, the list of written content my clients ask me to help with is somewhat longer:

 ► LinkedIn profile content
 ► Social media posts - LinkedIn & Twitter
 ► Website copy - full content or individual pages
 ► Personal Statements
 ► Covering letters - job applications or business submissions
 ► Brochures, leaflets & other marketing material
 ► Advertising copy
 ► Sales letters and emails
 ► Copy editing and proof-reading

The reason my clients come to me for help is that they often don't know quite what they want to say, or how to say it. Finding the right tone and voice is a really important part of creating the right impression, one which will reflect your brand and core values.

So, if you can't quite find the right words, you can rest assured that I can! 

Regardless of the subject matter, what is important is that your written material connects with your particular audience. How can you be sure that I will achieve this for you? The answer is that the devil is most definitely in the detail! This means that although I will have a detailed consultation with you to understand exactly what you want me to capture, I will undertake additional research as well, making sure I know:

► What you/your business are offering
► Who will be reading the document, whether in print or on-line
► What tone/impression you want to create
► Who your competitors are and what approach they are taking to their written materials

This information is crucial, regardless of the specific nature of the written content, and whether this is for you as an individual, or as a business.  The key is that whoever your target audience is, you need to connect with them, engage them and make an impact on them.

I'm a big believer in the fact that less can very often be more.  This is definitely true in copywriting.  Fewer words can definitely make more of an impact, provided they are the right words.  And that's what I'm here for!