Maximising your recruitment
Probably one of the biggest false economies in any business is thinking it is cheaper to handle recruitment yourself rather than hand it over to a professional.   The truth is that by engaging the services of a professional, highly-recommended recruiter you are far more likely to SAVE yourself money. But how can that be possible?   Here’s how:

► It is invariably the business owner or senior managers who handle recruitment.
► Those are the very people whose “billable” rate will be the highest.
► Recruitment is VERY time-consuming.  Time spent recruiting is time not being billed!
► Companies rarely calculate the total time spent recruiting.  It is frightening!


I always stress to my clients that I’m not an “Agency”.   I don’t have a huge database of candidates waiting for you to choose from.  I don’t churn out dozens of CVs for you to wade through.  And I don’t charge a percentage of the candidate’s starting salary.

My clients tell me my particular approach is different to anything else they’ve come across and that it genuinely adds value, saves time and saves money.


 ► A detailed brief, understanding the role and how it fits into your company structure.
 ► Writing the job description, person specification and recruitment advertisement.
 ► Creating a skills matrix to identify candidates which accurately match your brief.
 ► Handling all applications & enquiries, including rejecting unsuccessful candidates.
 ► Selecting the strongest candidates and conducting preliminary interviews.
 ► Providing the company with only short-listed candidates who all match the criteria.


 ► Choose individual tasks from the FULL list, then simply pay for those you choose.

By offering these 2 different packages I can give you as much or as little support as you need.  It frustrates me that the recruitment industry as a whole tends to have a pretty poor reputation.   If you are looking for proof that my approach really IS different, I’m happy to put you in touch with my clients and they can tell you exactly what they think!