Executive Services

Executive Services

It's Time for You!

One of the many challenges of being in a senior business leadership role is that you are so focused on staying calm, giving direction, encouragement and support to your peers and colleagues, you probably don't realise that you haven't been paying too much attention to yourself.  Does that sound like you?

This is certainly a common theme amongst my Executive clients.  When they come to me, they have reached a point when they know they are ready to make a move; but they very often don't know to where, and even more often don't know how.  That's why I'm here.

The simplest starting point is to pick up the phone and having a chat.
Why not ring me now?
What Can You Expect?

Now, this is a really tough question to answer because all my work is absolutely bespoke.  In terms of what you would call tangible outcomes, these will most likely include one or more of the following:

► A CV which reflects your personality as well as your skills.
► A LinkedIn profile which is SEO-friendly and facilitates connections.
► A Website profile which reinforces business/corporate values.

► Written materials being tailored to engage your target audience.

But, if I'm permitted to use the "J" word, the process you will be taken through is unexpectedly detailed and brings some equally unexpected benefits.  Clients frequently tell me the whole experience is cathartic, liberating and brings real clarity to their thinking.  The words and expressions they most often use when recommending me to others are:
Coaching                                         ► Mindfulness
► Counselling                                    ► Personal Branding
► Positive Psychology                    ► Practical Laws of Attraction

Over the years, I have tried to analyse why the consultation process seemingly makes such an enormous impact. I have reached the conclusion that, just for once, it is because someone is actually listening to YOU.

You have my absolute attention. This is YOUR time.
If you are finding it impossible to find the time to research, scour job-sites, set-up automated searches, find reputable Headhunters and make direct approaches to organisations, why not ask me about my Full Support package, tailored specifically to your needs.  

I can do all that hard work for you; and with 23 years' experience under my belt, I know exactly how to present you to your chosen market.
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