CVs & Copywriting

CVs & Copywriting

Why is it so important to have a great CV?

When you're applying for a new job it's absolutely vital that you understand your target audience.  Recruiters and HR Managers are inundated with CVs which means they often have as little as 10-20 seconds to take a look at each one. That’s why you need to make sure they can see everything they need literally at a glance. This can make the difference of whether or not they put your CV in their “Yes” pile. Here’s how I can help you to do just that:

► You will receive constructive feedback on your current CV
► You will then be provided with a fixed-fee quotation for creating a new CV.
► If you go ahead, we will arrange a consultation in person, by Skype or telephone.
► Consultations are extremely detailed; you will need to allow around 2 hours.
► I take the time to understand your target audience, including additional research.
► You will usually receive the first draft of your new CV within 7 days.
► A second discussion covers any changes you would like me to make.
► You receive the final copy and you’re good to go!

Your CV plays the biggest part in the recruitment process, because this will determine whether or not the Recruiter chooses to speak to you in more detail, and/or invite you to interview. Once you have a CV which really does you justice...  you're ready to fly!

Send me your CV for a free review!

So much more than just words.....

In Other Words

Before entering the world of recruitment, I was a PA, Account Manager and Production Manager, all of which involved a good deal of copywriting - correspondence, sales proposals, management reports.....   As a Headhunter my written work was originally based around job descriptions, person specifications and recruitment advertisements. These days, the list of written content my clients ask me to help with is somewhat longer:

 ► LinkedIn profile content
 ► Social media posts for LinkedIn & Twitter
 ► Website content & profiles: full content or individual pages
 ► Marketing materials
 ► NED & CEO profiles
 ► Personal Statements
 ► Covering letters for job applications & business submissions
The reason my clients come to me for help is that they often don't know quite what they want to say, or how to say it. Finding the right tone and voice is a really important part of creating the right impression, one which will reflect your personal brand and core values.

So, if you can't quite find the right words, you can rest assured that I can! 
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